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Hamster is a global social networking platform with a toolbox full of smart tools that helps start-ups to build, prepare and match with investors.

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Hamster Connect Helps Start Ups to Promote Their Businesses & Innovations, Match With Investors and prepare for Fund Raising


Match With Global Investors That Are Looking To Invest In Companies Like Yours

Growing your business to a point where you are ready to scale and grow is hard work, time consuming and challenging. 

Hamster aims to make this process easier, by providing tools to build your start-up in a structured abd professional  way. And of course matching you with the right network of individuals and companies who can help you fast track your growth companies success. 

Whether you are looking to network, find amazing tools, match and connect with potential investors, Hamster is the place to find exactly what you need to take your start-up to the next level. 

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Key Benefits For Start-Up and Scale-Up Founders

Connect With Start-Up and High Growth Company Founders


Join a niche social platform built specifically for the growth company investment community across a wide range of industries.


Build a network of likeminded growth phase company owners & share ideas, experiences, successes and challenges.


Build a network of company founders, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators globally, who are looking for companies just like yours. 

Key Benefits For Start-Up and Scale-Up Founders

Match With Investors Looking For Companies Like Yours!


Based on your companys unique profile, our world leading AI algorithm will match you to investors and other users who are looking to connect with companies like yours.


When a match is made, Hamster’s community of Investors, incubators and accelerators will be notified in real time giving them the opportunity to connect with you first.

Up To Date

Keep your investor matches and the Hamster community up to date with your growth companies progress and gain exposure across a wide range of user types.

Key Benefits For Start-Up and Scale-Up Founders

Communicate On Hamster To Start Building Your Relationships


Complete your company profile with highly engaging company information, pitch decks, product data sheets and value proposition collateral.


Once connected, you will be able to communicate through posts, messaging and announcements with your matches and contacts directly on the Hamster platform.


As a member of Hamster, you will be able to further expand your reach to our user base through targeted messaging to specific niches of users.

Download Our Guide to Hamster Connect For Start-Up and Scale-Up Founders​

Learn more about Hamster Connect’s key features and benefits, functionality roadmap and why you could benefit from joining the world’s fastest growing investment industry network. 



Reach out to one of our experts to discuss how Hamster can benefit you. Your success is our mission. 

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